Jan Valcke
President and coo Vasco Data Security Int.

Vasco keeps Belgium at the forefront of the worldwide strong authentication market and that is in no small measure the merit of Jan Valcke. Renowned for its Digipass products with banking customers worldwide, securing on line transactions with strong authentication, the company had its customerbase significantly expanded by Jan Valcke in the past couple of years. Strong identification of users (and the management of related access and user privileges) gains in importance in companies and represents a fast growing market opportunity for Vasco. But also ‘on line’gaming sites, as well as mobile systems and smartphones are fertile marketsegments. Particularly smartphones offer great opportunities, as increasingly those devices are used for paymente and transaction purposes. Recently, Vasco also announced that the Digipass technology can make use of Intel’s Identity Protection technology in the ‘2nd generation Intel Core’ processors. This allows for strong authentication services in the background, without the need of installing elements on the enduser devices. Clearly, Vasco and Valcke are not yet at the end of their ideas for more and stronger security.

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ICT personality of the yearJan Valcke
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