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Looking for new hot team players? Wishing for more pleasant job conditions? Join us at Data News' contact fair 'IT's all about People', on May 7th in Antwerp Expo! Come and listen to our keynotes. Learn from our company cases. Meet great people in an easy-going setting.

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11u00Opening fair & discover new career opportunities

Nicolas Van Boven, Manager Health & Public Services Accenture BeLux (10’)

Recip-e – Belgium’s first digital prescription: The impact of this innovative connected health solution on our society

Digitized prescriptions are now ready to be introduced in Belgium! The innovative Recip-e solution—built, piloted and tested by Accenture since 2010—is set to optimize healthcare provision for decades to come.
Between now and mid-2014, the first phase of introduction will see doctors and pharmacists connecting to the Recip-e software. This is a crucial period because uptake depends on their confidence in the system. Doctors are the trigger for this, and for ensuring that the estimated 120 million annual prescriptions are digitized. In the next phase, referrals (physiotherapy, nursing, technical examinations such as radiology/lab tests, specialist consultations) will follow..

Alongside supporting the client during the roll out period, Accenture is looking at ways to extend this solution to other processes that place the patient back at the heart of healthcare.


Winnie Valbracht, Coordinator & Business Developer Cronos Mobile (10’)

Breathe Mobile Solutions: a Day at the Office

Imagine several competence centers with specific expertise, doing a great job in delivering cutting edge mobile solutions to their customers. Imagine the people behind, real experts who are proud of their job. Imagine you put them all together when a complex issue comes up: any idea what happens?


Wendy Vermoesen, Lead developer Realdolmen (30’)

IT’s a small world 

I love my job, I love computer games, I love meeting people.

In this talk I will explain what convinced me 7 years ago to choose for an IT career. I will highlight the aspects in my current every-day-life (my small world), which I consider to be key things for attracting youngsters and providing them a job they’ll love. Starting from my own experience, I will explain the skills and lessons you can use to inspire and motivate new generations.


Koen Tourné, Domain Manager Front Office Applications Crelan (10’)

A first mobile banking app

Early 2013 Crelan decided it was in the need of a mobile banking app. The app should be good looking, innovating, secure, easy to use and delivered asap. The different departments Marketing, Product management, IT Development and security all rushed to the task at hand...


Bart De Waele, CEO Wijs (30’)


Geert Bens, Service Manager SAGA Consulting Group (10’)

Anton, een cloud HR oplossing voor KMO’s in Microsoft .net

Sodiwe is HR-dienstverlener en ontwikkelde in samenwerking met SAGA een cloud eHR-oplossing voor KMO’s, Anton. De oplossing is volledig ontwikkeld in Microsoft .NET, startend vanuit een SQL Server database tot en met de frontend in de Silverlight technologie. Naast de toepassing zelf werd een synchronisatie met een payroll-pakket opgezet alsook een backoffice toepassing waaruit Sodiwe haar klanten die Anton gebruiken, kan beheren.


Peter Lenaerts, Director ICT Service Delivery Bpost (10’)

Architecture Blueprint & Roadmap

The current application landscape is very complex: many overlapping functionalities, a large number of unstructured point-to-point integrations across  applications By rationalizing, consolidating and standardizing the current application landscape along the lines of the proposed Architecture Blueprint, the limitations and risks of the current landscape will be mitigated and further cost optimizations will become feasible over time.


Kick-Off afterworkparty with DJ Buscemi


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'IT's all about People' has a heart that beats for everybody in the ICT world.

Don't forget to stay for the IT afterwork party with DJ Buscemi and cocktail bar (starting from 05:00 pm).


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