Joël Van Hoolandt, CIO KPMG

Foto JoŽl Van Hoolandt

Joël Van Hoolandt has been working at KPMG for over 18 years and, for the past 8 years, has held the position of CIO. The role IT plays is clear to Joël: IT should first and foremost meet the real needs of the users. Over the years, the IT infrastructure at KPMG has evolved from a centralised model to a more open model that offers greater freedom for the users. This brings with it the need for KPMG to continuously take into account the security aspects inherent in their business – think of auditors, accountants and tax advisers who are bound by their professional secrecy. Furthermore, the software architecture is evolving more and more towards tablets and smartphones. And the cloud? “This could be interesting, but only if there is real added value, for example in development and testing environments”, says Van Hoolandt with due caution on the subject.

The CIO plays a key role within KPMG. Any disruption in the service provision is unacceptable, and thus close cooperation with the COO is vital, as is the absolute necessity to ensure a highly efficient operation. “A CIO must, above all, be a good communicator. My background in Romance philology and in economics are assets that aren't to be underestimated”, says Van Hoolandt.