Herman De Prins, CIO UCB

Foto Herman De Prins

Already in 1990, Herman De Prins (54) had the opportunity to tackle the challenge of a mainframe conversion - a project he completed in 9 months. In 1995, after a few years in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, he went to work for Guidant, where he became international IT director. Since 2009, the top manager has been active as CIO of UCB, where he is responsible for developing a modern and efficient infrastructure - a project that has almost been completed. Other priorities are customer experience and collaboration.

A third essential leg is innovation, as illustrated by the collaboration with IBM on Watson. De Prins heads an IT department of 240 internal and 350 to 400 external employees. He considers it important that everyone has their expertise. General IT knowledge is not an option for this man, who enjoys biking and skiing in his free time.