Geert Van Hove, CIO Belfius

Foto Geert Van Hove

How do you become a data-driven company? How do you drive such an innovation? According to Belfius’ CIO Geert Van Hove, it is their enterprise architecture that helps them to steer in the right direction. “It is a tool that allows you to put the finger on the gaps in your portfolio and also shift budgets away from superfluous projects. We now take the right decisions at the right time, for an accelerated transformation to become a digital bank”, said Geert Van Hove at a networking event by CIOforum Belgian Business. At Belfius customer centricity is key. Mobile, user centric customer support should be a given according to Van Hove. Belfius implemented a central crm-platform bundling all customer data and interactions with the bank. A powerful backoffice called ‘the system of records’ is powering all core activities of the bank. Before starting at Belfius in 2015 Van Hove worked for Liberty Global and later on Telenet. He started his career working for companies like Estée Lauder and Tropicana. “Telecom isn’t much different from banking: it’s all about a fast ‘time to market’, customer centricity and having products and solutions at your service whenever you want them”, concludes Geert Van Hove.